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238k or BUST

  • Premium 1

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners or those looking for a community with a little extra.
     3 day free trial
    • Forum access - Yolo To The Moon 🚀
    • Forum Access - Self Promotion
  • Best Value

    Premium 2

    Every month
    Perfect for those middle ground traders or those looking for specific price targets.
     3 day free trial
    • Forum Title
    • GROUP ACCESS (nicktussing77 ideas)
    • GROUP ACCESS Q/A (coming soon)
  • Premium 3

    Every month
    Like, do you even meme, bro?
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    • Premium 2 Perks
    • Group Chat (coming soon)
    • Scanner Picks (coming soon)
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  • Premium 4

    Every month
    You're already on the moon, and this is a pity subscription.
    • Premium 1 Perks
    • Premium 2 Perks
    • Premium 3 Perks
    • My Phone Number (Direct Access)
    • Custom Metal Photo Print (Value $189.99)
    • Custom Forum Title

Not financial advice. Subscription gives you access to places I'm more likely to "be." With that access comes the abiltity to ask questions, request custom charts, ask for feedback or opinions.. Subject to change at owners descretion without notice. Information can not be guaranteed to be accurate or correct. Remember, this purchase is for access to areas I'll likely be, It does NOT mean I'll be online specifc hours each trading day, giving constant updates. My schedule is inconsistent, trading stocks during the day, but sometimes deciding to chart and trade crypto all night, leading to the scenario (stay up all night and day to catch the market or miss it for the day). I'm very flexible, and easy going, if there are any issues, please talk to me, and we can absolutely try to solve issues in the best way possible for all parties involved. Thank you! AND WELCOME to Yolo to the Moon stocks and crypto community. (please check auto renewal settings, as I will not refund for autorenewal and I will assume all is well with your subscription)

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Services are not to be considered as "financial advice" or any kind of professional financial help. Over the years of trading pretty much anything and everything that moves, I really decided to focus on Technical Analysis.

I can't guarantee results on any chart, I can't even guarantee accuracy, but I can say, "I will never send out a chart that I wouldn't personally use myself"


Need a quick chart? 
Trends, Price Targets
Quick Analysis. 


Time costs money, and detail takes time. Expensive, maybe.
Price Targets, Trends, Patterns, Analysis and MORE. 


FOUR available premium subscriptions allowing for more direct access to myself and infrastructure, and ideas. 

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